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Your Favourite NDIS Provider in Melbourne

Are you a NDIS participant located in Melbourne and looking forward to living life independently? Orange Daylily is the best name to turn to. With a team of skilled support workers dedicated to providing tailored support, Orange Daylily ought to be your trusted NDIS provider in Melbourne.

Our support workers are skilled and dedicated enough to offer time bound as well as 24x7 support depending on your support needs. They will serve not just with professionalism, but with care and compassion, empathy and warmth. It is these qualities that make such a famed provider of NDIS support and care.

How do things work at Orange Daylily?

We understand that no two participants can have the same support needs. Thus, our support workers never provide a generic service. They will consider your lifestyle, your support needs, your aspirations, goals and needs of life. Thus, our support workers will come up with a fully tailored support service, which will help you lead the life of your choice.

Our support workers will also talk to you, your family members, immediate caregivers and other associated support providers, if any.

Such a focused and personalised approach makes us your favoured provider of Disability Support Services in Melbourne.

What are the salient features of our support service?

  • All our support workers are highly trained, dedicated and experienced
  • They are caring and compassionate besides being professional
  • We not only provide support, but ensure that with time you gain the ability to lead the life of your choice, with as much autonomy, thus needing lesser support
  • All our supports are inclusive
  • We offer 24x7 as well as time bound support depending upon your needs

Some pertinent FAQs to ask before hiring us

Am I eligible for NDIS?
  • If you are an Australian PR, a passport holder
  • If you have permanent or temporary mobility or other restrictions that affect your mobility or the way you lead life
  • If the restrictions need external intervention to be overcome then you are an eligible NDIS candidate.
Can you explain the NDIS plan that suits me the most?
Our support coordinators will help you understand the NDIS plan that will be most suitable for you. Also, they will help you understand the technicalities of the plan.
Can I have control over my NDIS Plan
Yes, indeed. You will have full liberty over your NDIS plan and have control over it.
Do you offer NDIS funding assistance?
Yes indeed. We do assist you with funding assistance. However, we do not handle money. It is handled solely by you or someone whom you have nominated. We only assist you to utilise the funds properly and ensure you never run dry of funds.

Call us to fix an appointment

Call us @ 0452 619 716 to set up an appointment with our experts. You can also email us at admin@orangedaylily.com.au to know more about us. We will reply immediately. See how we can change your life and guide you to see a healthier, better and finer tomorrow.

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