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Personalised Community Participation in Melbourne by Orange Daylily

At Orange Daylily, we work with participants to help them live life to the fullest. We assist them with socialisation and participation in community activities to enhance their well-being. So, if you require assistance with community participation in Melbourne tailored to your needs, you are at the perfect destination. Our experienced support staff will ensure that you are able to participate in various community activities and live your life the way you want. Most importantly, our support workers will help you with tasks in an organised manner which will help you develop the necessary skills. They will evaluate your difficulties to develop an individual plan that will work for you.

No matter the type of social events that you want to participate in, our staff will help you with the same. If you are finding communication with others difficult, they will assist you with the process stepwise so that you can establish new connections. As an organisation, we believe in social inclusion, and thus, we will always work with you so that you get access to the community and live independently.

What Comprises Our Melbourne Community Participation Assistance Program?

The Melbourne community participation assistance that we provide is all-inclusive. If you opt for it, you will get assistance with:

  • Attending arts and crafts-related workshops
  • Attending fitness classes
  • Visiting shops and shopping centres
  • Attending sports and similar activities
  • Attending excursions in a group
  • Visiting your friend’s place or a social event location

Not only will our support workers assist you with the mentioned activities, but they will also keep you safe while engaging in the community. Besides, they will make your time enjoyable and ensure that you develop the required skills to participate in your community independently.

Why Choose Our Community Participation Supports Today?

As a participant, choosing our community participation supports in Melbourne is the right choice since:

  • We provide comprehensive community participation supports to participants
  • We provide tailored community support services by collaborating with participants and their families
  • We assist in the development of life skills so that participants can attend various community events
  • Our support staff are compassionate and experienced
  • Our professionals will keep participants safe while helping them participate in communities

To learn more about our community participation supports, connect with us and let us help you live a dignified life.

FAQs Related to Community Participation in Melbourne

With our community participation support in Melbourne, will I be able to attend all types of social programs?
Yes, with our community participation support in Melbourne, you will be able to take part in all types of social programs and even learn to communicate with others and develop meaningful connections.
What are the types of programs that I will be able to attend with the help of your Melbourne community participation?
With our Melbourne community participation supports, you will be able to attend various types of programs, such as sports and fitness, group excursions, workshops, etc.

Get Community Participation Support from Us

To get our community participation support service, book an appointment with us by calling 0452 619 716. If you have further queries, you can send an email to admin@orangedaylily.com.au as well.
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